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    lightweight aluminum components • easy assembly • no tools needed

  • jacks and strongbacks


    completely adjustable hardware • all metal locking mechanism

  • frame


    aluminum frame locks to strongback • strongbacks available up to 20 feet long

  • alumajax flats


    frames can be ordered in any size • wood inserts for stretched canvas available

  • canvas flat

    alumajax flats

    aluminum frames with wood inserts • allows canvas to be stretched without frame imprints

  • luan skin

    alumajax flats

    aluminum frame allows easy attachment of luan skin • the rigidity of the aluminum frame requires minimal nail/screw use

  • conventional flats


    the alumajax system can work with conventional wood flats as well • the adjustable clamping mechanism will allow simple screw attachment to the wood frame

  • quality construction


    the alumajax system is made of all metal components • lightweight aluminum rails combined with steel fastening mechanism

  • preassembled components


    the alumajax jacks come completely preassembled • strongbacks come in various lengths with pre-attached hardware